Transportation companies face a number of unique accounting challenges not encountered by firms in other industries. Aside from standard accounting needs, transportation companies have special requirements based off of extensive equipment investments, as well as planning and billing for transportation services. Investing in an integrated accounting software package can provide your transportation company with a necessary tool to help ensure profitable operations in a competitive landscape.

We partner with our customers to anticipate the ever-changing needs of the transportation industry and develop solutions and services based on latest technology. Our comprehensive portfolio includes software and hardware designed for dispatch, brokerage, billing, driver settlements, rating, fuel cards, mobile communications, fuel transporter reports, fuel tax, mileage, mapping, and document imaging functions. We also provide hardware and network management that helps you meet your specific objectives. Whether it's cost control, enhanced processes or improved trucking management and customer service.

Mojoy Technologiesprovides the most complete and adaptable Enterprise Applications for Transportation Management.

  • Manage vehicle and equipment assets for depreciation
  • Comply with transportation regulations
  • Plan routes and provide dispatching services
  • Integrate industry-specific modules with accounting to lower operational costs