At Mojoy IT, we believe people drive companies. At a time when talent shortage is hurting businesses more than anything, getting the right personnel to manage your projects is highly critical.

Our staffing solutions are focused on helping you acquire, hire and engage highly skilled professionals. We can be your One-stop solution for any staffing requirement - be Technologiestemporary or permanent staffing.

We follow a flexible and highly responsive service methodology that helps in bridging the staffing gap of organizations. Our extensive database of hand-picked candidates includes coding and management professionals who are well trained, highly motivated and enthusiastic in contributing towards your organization's business objectives.

Our Recruitment Process

The quality of work implemented at the client site is only as good as the people on the job, and this puts the spot light on the recruitment process. Mojoy Technologiesfollows a recruitment methodology of very high standards, with steps that lead to the eventual selection of only the best of applicants. The process focuses on multi-level criteria in the eventual selection of candidates.

Assuring a good fit

Mojoy Technologiesconsultants are evaluated in three ways to make sure they're right for your project.

Technical evaluation

Mojoy Technologiesqualifies the technical abilities of all our consultants. We use industry-recognized testing tools and other measures to verify their skill levels. Plus, they are interviewed by our senior level consultants. So our clients get cutting-edge professionals who know the issues facing the clients.

Performance record

Mojoy Technologiesmaintains evaluations on all our consultants. We speak directly to managers with whom our consultants have worked to verify their performance.

Personal interview

our consultants are interviewed by a member of our account and resource management team. We confirm relevant work experience and availability, and make sure the consultant is the right candidate to meet the clients' business needs.

Our TechnologiesStaff augmentation benefits Includes;

Save Money - Reduce costs and overhead by hiring our Technologiesconsultants on a project basis instead of an additional full-time employee to your staff. No need to spend your Technologiesbudget on sending your current staff to extensive Technologiestraining and seminars - our certified engineers are top in the industry and experts in information technologies undergoing regular training.

Save Time - Eliminate the headaches from a long, drawn-out hiring process and let us bring on one of our expert consultant's best suited for your specific business requirements and Technologiesobjectives. Our engineers undergo ongoing technical training and assessment to stay on top of the latest available technologies and save tuition time and costs to your Technologiesstaff.

Guarantee Industry Expertise - Unsure whether your new-hire will be able to fulfill your Technologiesobjectives within a project deadline? Our Technologiesstaff augmentation services can relieve you of the internal pressures of implementing custom technologies in your large enterprise environment. Our team can assist with all phases of Technologiesprojects from design and planning, project management to implementation.