SAP Business Process Management

The SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (SAP NetWeaver BPM) component helps you model, execute, and monitor your business processes based on a common process model. Technologiescan help you improve the efficiency of business processes, reduce errors in complex repetitive tasks, and lower exception-handling costs.

With SAP NetWeaver BPM, you can compose process steps, define business rules and exceptions, model process flows using industry-standard business process modeling notation, execute process models efficiently, and support interaction with running processes via personalized user interfaces or interactive forms. You can also monitor business processes to improve process quality and efficiency.

End to End Master data management with BPM

Master data management program managers need a framework to ensure that they approach initiatives on a strategic, balanced and integrated basis. Using Gartner's building blocks will lead to greater success, and will enable program managers to maximize benefits to the organization. - Gartner Source Built on Gartner's building blocks, Mojoy 's comprehensive master data management solution in combination with SAP NW BPM and SAP MDM provides.

  • Automated data enrichment
  • Adherence to governance or corporate standards
  • Enforced rule based data quality checks
  • More centralized control over information
  • Cross-system data consistency
  • Dependable cross-system, enterprise-wide business processes and analytics
  • Reduced data redundancy and data management costs
  • Sharing of a central repository of information from applications
  • Accurate analysis, reporting and sourcing

Solution Manager Implementation

SAP NetWeaver Solution Manager is a centralized support and system management suite. SAP Solution Manager helps to reduce and centralize the management of large quantity of SAP system installed in complex system landscape.

Solution Manager provides an extensive set of features in the TechnologiesSupport area for enhancing, automating and improving the management of SAP systems like E2E Root Cause Analysis, Central System Administration, Project Management, Change Management, Service Desk,System Monitoring, Centralized Alerting and Early Watch Reporting.

Mojoy has been implementing SAP Solution Manager from the last two years and has helped customers in implementing and managing complex system landscapes. These implementations have enabled customers to receive best practices relating to Global Strategy and Service Level Management,Software Change Management and Support Desk Management.

SAP Process Integration

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) provides SOA foundation capabilities for customers. Using SAP NetWeaver PI, you can leverage enterprise services delivered by SAP and also enable their existing investments in third-party and legacy applications by integrating them into their landscape and also service enabling the functions delivered in these applications.SAP PI offers a broad spectrum of technology covering modeling, design and service bus capabilities.

The latest modules mainly leverages functionalities for service enablement and service and process orchestration, and makes available extensive tools and concepts for SOA management. One of the cornerstones is the Enterprise Services Repository - the central repository where enterprise service definitions are stored and maintained.

SAP NetWeaver PI provides a wide set of capabilities that are described in detail in the corresponding SAP NetWeaver Capabilities sections, sorted by market category:

  • SOA Middleware: Modeling and Design, Service Bus, SOA Management
  • Lifecycle Management: Landscape Design, Application Management, Software Logistics
  • Security and Identity Management: Secure Collaboration, Identity and Access Management, Infrastructure Security, Software Lifecycle Security.

Mojoy has been building integration scenarios on SAP NetWeaver PI to support extended processes for more than four years and has helped customers to ease the development of complex processes to align data and operations beyond the enterprise, across environments and with other SAP and non-SAP systems.

SAP ABAP Consulting

The Technology Consulting group at Mojoy is formed by coming together of highly skilled and motivated techies under the Mojoy umbrella. Our Technology consultants have all the best-in-class characteristics pertaining to technology consulting.

  • Excellence in technical knowledge,
  • Focus on solving Business problems with technology,
  • High class Consulting acumen and a never ending desire to explore the unseen and unknown are the common characteristics for a Technology Consultant at Mojoy.

Because of Mojoy's well established and formidable partnership with SAP, the Enterprise Solutions behemoth, most of our consultants excel in SAP Technologies.

However, our consultants are well equipped with related technological paradigms such as Mobile Devices, Adobe Flex, Java, Dot NET, Silverlight etc.

The list of our capabilities is fairly long and we want to leave no stone unturned in our quest for knowledge.

SAP NW IdM (Identity Management)

Our SAP Identity Management consultants can help implement the following
  • Create and manage a central identity store spanning SAP and non SAP systems
  • Identity provisioning to SAP and non SAP systems
  • Rule based and workflow based role management
  • Automate User account maintenance
  • Web based single sign on and identity federation
  • Password management
  • Integration with SAP Business Suite components & SAP Business Objects GRC Solution
  • AudTechnologiesTrail, Reporting & Auditing