Who we are

We take every care to ensure that the software we build satisfies our client's requirements. The only way to ensure that is to perform quality assurance throughout the software lifecycle. We typically involve a lead quality engineer in the early phases of a project to participate in requirements elicitation and analysis, to ensure that our quality assurance team understands the business objectives and the detailed requirements.

We ensure that quality targets are set and achieved for every job that the client entrusts us with. Our Quality Control procedures are designed to sieve out gross human errors and nothing is left to chance. The quality policy has paid us the best dividends. Technologiesholds the key to our success.

  • Utmost Satisfaction of Client's expectation
  • Innovative, Cost and Time effective services and products
  • Consistent and continuous quality improvement
  • Fulfillments of the defined quality objective targets
  • Develop the Company as an international center for excellence.
  • Continuous evaluation of the market to explore challenging areas of operation.

The quality engineers staffed on a project are responsible for implementing, tracking and adjusting the quality assurance plan to make sure that Technologiesis completed successfully by the delivery date. They often use test automation tools to help them in conducting the required testing and establishing a complete regression test suite for the product that is as automated as possible.

We guarantee the utmost level of quality in our operations by rigorously applying the following methodologies:

  • Hold periodic Quality Training Programs to enhance the performance of all employees.
  • Inspect the Quality of the applications at All Levels of development.
  • Implement Extensive Testing practices with our in-house Testing team.
  • Develop effective internal Testing Mechanisms.

For us, quality is a well-defined set of criterion applied to the entire development process and is no longer an oral guarantee given over a handshake.

As our quality team works throughout the entire software product life cycle, Mojoy Technologiesensures that quality is efficiently built in to our processes, systems, and the products that we develop for you.