Health Care

ERP in health care industry still needs lot of development as most of the ERP solutions today are inclined towards manufacturing or distribution and have some common features with health care industry but lack in providing industry specific solutions. Mojoy Technologiescan be of immense help in improving the working and value realization of any hospital of any size.

Mojoy Technologiesin health care industry can be very handy in improving human resource management for maximizing the value realization of investment done on the human capital. Our system can relate the HCM applications with customer relationship tools to make every employee responsible for his actions and directly involved in the success of the organization. We help greatly by providing an edge in anticipating demands for skilled work force and improving the retention rate to use their work force as strategic asset.

With the use of our software, human intervention and requirements are reduced, information transfer is quick and automated, tedious works like scheduling and appointments can be managed with greater ease and lesser effort, patient management like registration, discharge, billing and transfer can be done with lesser manpower to cut down the cost of operations drastically. The hospitals can utilize this money and energy for improving other industry specific processes

  • Inventory management has been an integral part of any ERP solution and Technologiescontinues to work as an important feature in the ERP for health care industry too.
  • Front office of any hospital is of prime importance to provide updated information at one desk.